The type of business you should start depends on your passion and existing skill set. If you love baking, for example, you could consider starting a home-based cake or brownie business. Love to sew? Spend your free time creating the perfect crafts, then turn around and sell them with your own Etsy store. Love dogs? Consider watching dogs out of your own home and marketing your services on a website like

The services sector has the largest share of India's GDP, accounting for 57% in 2012, up from 15% in 1950.[168] It is the seventh-largest services sector by nominal GDP, and third largest when purchasing power is taken into account. The services sector provides employment to 27% of the work force. Information technology and business process outsourcing are among the fastest-growing sectors, having a cumulative growth rate of revenue 33.6% between fiscal years 1997–98 and 2002–03, and contributing to 25% of the country's total exports in 2007–08.[198][needs update]
Im wanting to invest in some sort of real estate investment, to make a passive income and starting with 300 to 1k but im wanting to start making money, like at least 400 to 700 a month and i know there’s 100s of ways to make money, in real estate. But can you please suggest a real estate investment, for beginners and where i could starting earning at least 500 a month, as that’s got to be something and im not looking for yearly income?!

1. Become an administrative assistant. Small businesses are often in need of help, whether it’s on a temporary, one-time or ongoing basis. Approach local establishments in your neighborhood — even better if they’re companies you already have a relationship with — and offer your services helping organize paperwork, entering data, answering phones or assisting with any other administrative tasks they may need help with. You can start by sending an email or phone call, but you will make the best impression by stopping by in person, dressed to impress with a resume in hand.

The sale of use rights started when picture libraries began to market take outs from photo shoots. The market's appetite for this relatively inexpensive way of acquiring professional images (as opposed to the expense of commissioning a photographic shoot) has grown exponentially in the past few decades such that it is now safe to say that the majority of the world's imagery is traded in this way.
Of course, you can get as creative with the above list as you wish. You can mix up niche informative websites with drop ship stores and end up with… a niched drop ship e-commerce business! You can monetize in an endless array of ways online—or, better yet, you can automatize and outsource the process, simply invest your money, and let professionals handle the production, fulfillment, and delivery side of things for you.
A good portion of my stock allocation is in growth stocks and structured notes that pay no dividends. The dividend income that comes from stocks is primarily from S&P 500 index ETFs. Although this is a passive income report, as I’m still relatively young, I’m more interested in building a large financial nut through principal appreciation rather than through dividend investing. As an entrepreneur, I can’t help but have a growth mindset.
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